Kushi Restaurants Expands Its Exquisite Array of Palette to Linford

With the rise in accessibility of almost anything and everything around us, our needs and concepts of luxury have evolved. We constantly stay surrounded by-products from all around the world and even if we aren’t we can still have them on our doorsteps within 24 hours. From angora clothes to exotic plants being delivered globally on a huge scale, one can never seem to have a far fetched desire. The modernization of the world has diversified human life more than ever. Be it fashion, multimedia, entertainment, quality of your coffee or the certain aspirations for your taste buds; chances are if you look around a bit then you might find yourself flourishing with potential amenities. One such change in modern society introduced by the variegation of humans, in general, is the diversification of food we eat. We are no longer surrounded by native dishes and to cherish native dishes one need not be in a local town. Developing on the acquired taste buds, Kushi Restaurants have expanded their reach from Grays, Canvey Island, Brentwood, Ockendon and Grays to Linford and Tilbury.

We all cherish the flavours that south Asia offers and are very well informed about the quality as well as the variety of spices that the land offers. We are known to provide the immaculate taste of Indian and Bangladeshi cuisine right on your plate. This is our 6th step in expansion within a span of solid 6 years, what started off as a family-run kitchen in 2013 is now a countrywide phenomenon for its service, taste and exclusivity. Despite the pandemic, we have managed to stick to our standards of only including fresh spices, herbs, vegetables and all kinds of fresh meats in our dishes.

We recognize the troubles along with the risk that the pandemic brought with itself and are backed up with a professional set of employees that respect the rules/guidelines for healthy living. As a unit, we have managed to distribute almost 10000 FREE meals all over the country during the first wave of lockdown. We have always been known for our cleanliness and approach to proper hygiene regimes. Everyone associated with Kushi Restaurants is guaranteed to take proper steps for a contactless and risk-free environment.

We take pride in standing as one of the best restaurants within the nation to cater to authentic south Asian cuisine. Our branch in Linford intends to match up the same calibre whilst ensuring adequate steps. Due to the pandemic, we are not offering our famous dine-in services but we are offering free home delivery within 4-mile radius of any of our restaurants. Not only that, apart from contactless free delivery we promise mouth-watering Indian and Bangladeshi taste reaching sizzling hot at your doorsteps. To maintain the flavour within our dishes we have a strict timeline of cooking your desired dish and delivering it to your doorsteps within 45 minutes. Displaying our faith in an inspiring staff in our kitchen, we offer a £10 discount voucher for your future order if we fail to deliver within our set timeline.

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