Concoction Of Emotions By Blending Culinary In Life

Every individual would agree to the universal fact that any type of edible food which satiates your hunger in its finest manner is considered a “favourite for life”. Primitive line of thought as it may seem, have you ever thought why does that happen?

As the saying goes, “To live is to survive”, then why play favouritism with food? Simply to say, food is an emotion in itself. Our need to survive in life by eating something is juxtaposed by the curiosity of discovering incredible delicacies. Chefs strive to express this emotion through cooking, while customers and connoisseurs live to experience this articulation through awesome platters. Think about it, we can ascertain this fact by asking our kids, friends, partners, or co-workers out on a weekend dinner for Indian curry.

This expression of culinary brilliance filled with emotion is the essence of hospitality at Kushi Restaurant. Perhaps, you’d think, this is no different from one of the basic concepts of establishing a restaurant business. If that’s where you’re headed till now by reading this, we would feel glad to say that this is not just a business concept at our place.

We took this as our primary initiative to outshine through diversification of our cumulative South-east Asian recipes enclosed in our elaborated menu. Our objective is to suffice our customers at an appetizing yet emotional level by serving them with our surprising stockpile of dishes infused with Indian and Bangladeshi cuisines. Our kitchen and catering staff would literally help you understand that “living to eat” is not at all pointless.

We also provide one of the finest BYO & takeaway experiences for our customers in all of the United Kingdom, especially in Essex, cause why not? The motive behind this is to help our patrons rejoice in their guts at any given place or time. Our chefs concentrate solely on cooking fresh dishes all day in order to maintain the desired quality besides giving efforts for sustenance in the dining industry.

Our unspoken motto has always been to deliver refined and delectable taste curated by our professional chefs by nitpicking fresh herbs and spices, organic vegetables and fruits, and other ingredients necessary to define our standard. Even during the first phase of lockdown because of the Covid pandemic last year, we never compromised with our quality of food while offering free meals all over the country.

We believe that segregation on the basis of culture, nationality, tradition, and cuisine should all be exempted, as these are the factors that bring all of us, humans, together with around the world. It sounds like a gigantic feat to achieve, but small steps on the Moon remind us that people can reunite when they reach a common pedestal to agree. In our case, we consider that as one of the three basic amenities in life, that is food, and we take glory in our profession as one of the reliable mediators between your taste buds and your gut.

Wherever you’re situated in the United Kingdom, do visit Kushi Restaurant to enjoy platters filled with deliciousness and served with the nuance of emotions touched by culinary expertise.

Kushi Restaurants has opened its new takeaway branches in Ockenden, Linford & Brentwood.


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